Record Highes price for Ether, Ethereum Currency!

The price of ether, the digital currency on the Ethereum system, reached $20 for for the first time time since the currency creation on June 14. In the recent weeks market specialists talked about a correlational statistics of Ether with the older, more matured digital currency bitcoin.


But , during todays trading session Ether and Bitcoin didn’t exhibit this relationship, as ether have seen price growth in spite of price declines with bitcoin. 

Ether’s price rising and falling conjointly notably befell amid generous trading volume, as 24-hour dealings activity reached $62.7m at one point throughout the day, returning near the record daily high of $65.3m reached in March, according to CoinMarketCap figures. 


Ether surged to $18.95 throughout the session, reaching a new all-time highest price, information from leading Ethereum exchange Poloniex info. 


This day Hiest price, reached at 04:45 universal time, was roughly 100% above the sessions gap price of $17.25. Ether hit this level amid a 24-hour volume of $45.5m, according to CoinMarketCap information. But, when Ether reached the new high of $18, bitcoin was trading at $692, roughly two below the currencys gap price of $705, figures according to CoinDesk’s USD . Later within the trading session, bitcoin fell to a low of $661. 


If Bitcoin and Ether were showing a negative rrelation, the drop of Bitcoin price should have caused an increase within the Ether price.. Even if bitcoin has long been for a long time the most important digital currency , traders still expect ether to be an alternative or various investment, one that move differently than bitcoin. 


Today’s price movements should help ether hit out on its own in the market.

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