Bitcoin price downside

The bitcoin value chart fell through another level of support earlier nowadays, however is clawing its way back to $600. how can we know if successive upward wave is advance or just a correction?

The OKCoin 3month derivative instrument 1-day candle chart is shown, for the rationale that it shows leveraged commerce and, therefore, exaggerated value waves. Even so, the waves change to a channel of development (blue trendlines) that may be helpful support and resistance gauges because the decline bottoms enter the approaching days.

Bitstamp 1-Day Candle Chart


Firstly, note the situation of the 200MA (red) as a support at the lowest of the channel. Traders ought to watch this MA for support. The behavior of the market at the 200MA can reveal plenty concerning the state of trend: consolidating on top of it and so advancing, ought to retarget $700. encircling across it or breaking below can place question marks over the notion of current advance. The latter outcome looks unlikely however we have a tendency to bear it in mind.

As for a come to advance, notice the magenta circles annotated on the MACD indicator. vital waves of advance had all started once the purpose once MACD had settled on its lower Bollinger Band. MACD is presently terribly so much on top of its lower Bollinger Band and also the implication is that we have a tendency to may see Associate in Nursing intermediate correction before consequent larger wave of advance. Compare to the Nov 2015 consolidation once the ultimate rally of the year: MACD had not settled on its lower Bollinger Band and {therefore the|and also the} Dec advance (a B-wave) was therefore doomed to fail till MACD completed its oscillation cycle. an analogous dynamic may play enter the approaching weeks and months.

Additionally, advance usually take solely from a decisive grouping of the stochastics (top) at the lowest of their vary. till we have a tendency to see this indication, we have a tendency to don’t commit massive positions to advancing waves.

Price has broken the 4hr 200MA, and also the sentiment expressed here on Mon – that it might be a surprise to visualize full-blown decline – has currently resulted within the full-blown surprise of the analyst. What’s additional, if the 4hr 200MA at $585 (Bitstamp) provides means, the $500 and $450 levels ar wide receptive current marketing. At some purpose within the coming back days Associate in Nursing top B-wave ought to relieve the decline, however as explored on top of, we’ll recognize from the 1-day indicators once the important advance is current.

Bitcoin Price Drops Below 520 EUR

The price of bitcoin drop by $100 during today, dropping 20% to reach a low of EUR 520 on Kraken exchange.

This move represents a continuation of the price correction that began when bitcoin hit a high of EUR 680 on 18th June, Market analysts indicated thatbitcoin was “overbought” after the two-year highs. Blockchain advisor and consultant George Samman indicating the currency’s value increased “too fast” this month, and that as a result, price support is now weakening.

 Still, sources suggested that the decline is a response to the increasing likelihood that the UK will likely vote to stay in the European Union (‘Bremain’), an outcome that could be made official as soon as late Thursday night in US, Friday morning UK time, reports suggest.

The comments echo the widely held belief that bitcoin is a “safe haven” asset that benefits from times of macroeconomic uncertainty in which its strengths as an investment vehicle whose value is derived solely from a global market are best on display.

For example, traders have cited the ‘Brexit’ vote, as well as economic uncertainty in China as factors that propelled the price to its highest level in 28 months this June.

In statements, Tim Enneking, chairman of Crypto Currency Fund; investor and entrepreneur Vinny Lingham; and Arthur Hayes, co-founder and CEO of bitcoin leverage trading platform BitMEX, all cited the coming ‘Brexit’ vote as the defining influence on the decline.

“The drop below EUR 520 indicates that many traders believe that ‘Bremain’ will prevail.

The vote is still too close to call with various polls indicating ‘Brexit’ and ‘Bremain’ in a dead heat.” Hayes predicted the digital currency could rise to 68 Eur should Britain vote to exit the EU, but linger at 520 Eur if the country decides to remain in the economic union.

Still, Lingham took a more positive stance, asserting optimism will prevail following the ‘Brexit’ vote, and that the price will soon return to the 600-700 Eur range.

Bitcoin value Analysis

Price has gone down to the support zone under 700, and it’s just like the sell-off has not yet hit bottom.

If drop continues, then following lower level of support is at $575 wherever price consolidated in early June.

All are asking this question “What caused this price drop?” Some say that Bitfinex technical issues is also the cause, another thing is the DAO hack, and someone say its the unstable full moon phase .

Markets signals are driven by the the entire market collective psycollogy, and this super entity buys and sells currency up and down, in most of the times in disregard of reason, like economics or supply and demand. In this perspective, the market expresses its psycological hopes and fears reflecting that  in the price, instead of making rational decisions based on realfacts . Bitcoin price in a long-term  reamins on the uptrend and this sell-off is a sign of  some nervous apprending about past bitcoin price events .

Many bitcoin buyers that holded the currency go back into profit for the first time in more than 2 years. The fear of returning  in loss, again, made them take profit, but the 2016 uptrend  has gone steady and this drop is an expected event as a correction.

Even with the  today’s strong sell-off, the idea that the larger advancing wave will resume remains prevalent. This correction may  continue many days and can good more deep,  but the advice remains the same: trade with caution and preserve your trading funds for the next months of the year.

Why The DAO Attack is a good thing for Ethereum

Mattew Spoke is the co-founder and corporate executive of blockchain startup Nuco, and may be a former project lead for Deloitte canada wherever he worked on blockchain and distributed ledger initiatives.

In this op-ed, Spoke argues that this week’s exploit of the Ethereum-based organization The DAO is, within the long-run, a decent factor for the Ethereum project.

Yesterday was a windstorm for anybody operating or invested with within the ethereum world.

Understandably, the day’s attack on The DAO has led to criticism, skepticism and concern concerning the long run of Ethereum. however is there really a cause for concern? after all, with lots of bucks price of the cryptocurrency ether endowed in the DAO (as of the writing of this), it’s no surprise that the attack is creating headlines, and principally negative ones at that.

That said, i feel it’s necessary to look at today’s events as a vital case study within the anti-fragility of latest digital technologies, which will solely result in additional security and diligence as ethereum evolves.

As popularized by the noted author Nassim Taleb, the construct of anti-fragility may be summarized by an easy quote from his book, “Antifragile”: “The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the anti-fragile gets better”.

This is the sole thanks to properly characterize ethereum, and the other technologies evolving in the blockchain world, as well as bitcoin. Basically, a negative event, just like the one occurring as we have a tendency to speak, can ultimately result in a stronger scheme and safer technology.

Some comparison has been created nowadays as to if The DAO can become the “Mt Gox of ethereum”. I don’t reject the implication. If we have a tendency to learned something from the disaster of Mt Gox, it’s that resulting exchanges were designed with additional care, additional diligence and considerably additional scrutiny – all treats.

Although I don’t expect that my prediction carries a lot of weight, I’ll supply it anyway: the DAO attack can probably be reversed, as per Vitalik’s proposal; owners of time unit (DAO tokens) are able to retrieve their ETH when the projected hard fork; The DAO are emptied of its investments; and future distributed autonomous organizations can learn from the teachings.

Ethereum is here to remain, and today, it simply got stronger.

Digital Currency Is Booming Across the world


Despite its ugly history with Mt. Gox, Japan is refusing to allow informed digital currency. during a statement on Tues, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ confirmed that it’s experimenting with a replacement digital currency that utilizes Bitcoin technology to method transactions.

A interpreter for the bank explained:

“The details haven’t been determined. . .We can solely say that it’s true that MUFG is conducting demonstration experiments on the ‘Coin’ at intervals the corporate utilizing a block chain technology.”

The system can work very similar to pre-paid electronic cash, and can conjointly embody AN app that may enable users to withdraw funds from their bank accounts via their smartphones.


Bruce Fenton

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. is transfer Bruce Fenton, the chief director of the Bitcoin Foundation, onto its cryptocurrency board.

Fenton, WHO is AN economic planner and consultant, has conjointly worked with leading personal equity companies and international charities. He holds his roots in Morgan Dean Stanley, wherever he was a specialist in managed accounts and one among the “youngest stockbrokers ever to figure for the corporate.”

In a statement, Fenton sky-high mentioned:

“As a lively member of the cyber-currency business through my Bitcoin business ventures and position as administrator of the Bitcoin Foundation, i’m honored to support the efforts of John McAfee in providing advanced cyber security for this burgeoning industry… I actually have long been AN enthusiast of cyber-currency technology and believe cyber security can play a job in advancing the broad trust and use of currencies like Bitcoin.”

WB21 is currently the primary digital bank to just accept bitcoin deposits.

As a result, customers will currently use Bitcoin to transfer and deposit funds into their checking accounts, and with zero confirmations required, a speedy dealing method is ensured for all. Thus far, the bank has accumulated concerning [*fr1] 1,000,000 customers from round the globe.

Founder and chief executive officer archangel Gastauer explained:

“A bank acceptive bitcoin is kind of uncommon. However, it makes total sense for United States of America and provides large advantages to our purchasers. . .By acceptive bitcoin, our customers will instantly transfer funds to their WB21 account from any country within the world. . .As before long as they send bitcoin to our address, we tend to credit the worth within the currency the client has elect to their bank account. . .The process to convert bitcoin into money on a checking account is that the quickest i’m alert to. For us, the acceptance of Bitcoin may be a good way to support our international roll-out and improve customers’ fund depositing expertise.”

Record Highes price for Ether, Ethereum Currency!

The price of ether, the digital currency on the Ethereum system, reached $20 for for the first time time since the currency creation on June 14. In the recent weeks market specialists talked about a correlational statistics of Ether with the older, more matured digital currency bitcoin.


But , during todays trading session Ether and Bitcoin didn’t exhibit this relationship, as ether have seen price growth in spite of price declines with bitcoin. 

Ether’s price rising and falling conjointly notably befell amid generous trading volume, as 24-hour dealings activity reached $62.7m at one point throughout the day, returning near the record daily high of $65.3m reached in March, according to CoinMarketCap figures. 


Ether surged to $18.95 throughout the session, reaching a new all-time highest price, information from leading Ethereum exchange Poloniex info. 


This day Hiest price, reached at 04:45 universal time, was roughly 100% above the sessions gap price of $17.25. Ether hit this level amid a 24-hour volume of $45.5m, according to CoinMarketCap information. But, when Ether reached the new high of $18, bitcoin was trading at $692, roughly two below the currencys gap price of $705, figures according to CoinDesk’s USD . Later within the trading session, bitcoin fell to a low of $661. 


If Bitcoin and Ether were showing a negative rrelation, the drop of Bitcoin price should have caused an increase within the Ether price.. Even if bitcoin has long been for a long time the most important digital currency , traders still expect ether to be an alternative or various investment, one that move differently than bitcoin. 


Today’s price movements should help ether hit out on its own in the market.

Bitcoin Price Correction and prediction

Bitcoin price is correcting from its upward rally, giving buyers an opportunity to hop within the uptrend at lower levels. 

The virtual currency is ready to draw in investors who are moving cash far from fiat currencies and equities. 

Central bank events in the week may lead to sharp moves among major currencies thus it’s perceivable why traders are seeking different investments. 

Additionally, the risk-off flows stemming from the coming EU vote also are supporting bitcoin and alternative altcoins at the instant, a development that would persevere till the particular Brexit vote on 23 June. 

Keep in mind that brokers are introducing extra margin restrictions before the vote thus another bitcoin price rally may be doable before the tip of in the week .

Who is pushing the bitcoin price to highest level?

The price for one bitcoin reached $700 on Monday 13 June 2016 for first time since february 2014, The reasont for the price pushing too hight is the Chinese buyers. Chinese traders were behind the majority of the rally, trading volumes show that about 85% of the transactions are beeing executed in yuan, . Investors are biding on bitcoin before ‘the halving’ Investors are bidding on the currency in anticipation of a phenomen that will cut the bitcoin supply in half. This event, which bitcoin enthusiasts call “the halving,” should happen in July 2016 . actuall, bitcoin miners — people who are rewarded with newly minted bitcoins for contributing with computer power to the network — are rewarded 25 bitcoins every time they mine a new block. After the halving, the reward will drop by hapf to 12.5. The mechanism behind the halving has been written into the bitcoin protocol to manage the bitcoin production over the long term. Basically the halving is the bitcoin monetary policy. 

Everyone who is using bitcoin knows what the money production will be in four years or 20 years ect…

Bitcoin price returning Up to $700 !

A steady industrious wave of advance has propelled bitcoin value to the $680 zone wherever the advance has slowed, though not stopped in several exchange charts. The popular bitcoin exchanges hold the price around $680 (after trying $700 earlier today) and also the OKCoin Sept derivative instrument has scaled $750.

The bitcoin daily price-chart shows that price has advanced straight through a competition zone whereby price had not solely vacillated throughout the 2014 decline, however through that worth had created a $380 correction on the high throughout November 2013.

A correction of this size is unlikely to happen at this time because of the big price wave getting the attention of more buyers. Given the big push higher, we tend to expect value to consolidate higher than $700, or to maybe fall under $650 and acumulate more energy to push higher.

Despite a peaking indicator further advance is expected however correction, or consolidation can occur. If buying continues and also the profit-takers continue holding, then a push to the $750 level (and 5000 CNY) wouldn’t surprise.

However holding in this situation requres nerves of steel – knowing when to stop might be challenging . Summary Now that the price has achieved the higtest in the 2 last years, the market is bigger and more powerful and buying might continue. I am sure that nobody can be pessimistic toward bitcoin at this time, however this concept doesn’t rule of profit takings or stops and a probabble price correction.